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Chance Media offers innovative solutions for your media content needs through our complete and portable video production, documentary and photographic services.

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Pets in Motion!

Animal Friendly

Crazy about your pets as we are? Let's make a video capturing their tricks and stunts in amazing slow motion!

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Take to the Sky!

Affordable Aerial Cinematography

See your lands and ideas from new perspectives. Survey your next job, or take a ride over the waves.

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Our small and discreet crew has the experience and equipment to create compelling motion pictures which are engaging and artistic. Each project is produced to achieve your objective, be it commercial, educational, simple pleasure or something else.   Click on any of the thumbnails below to watch a video.


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Chance Media now offers ultra-high resolution photography with stunning results. Bold and colourful images taken on your own worksite will add life to your reports and make your website dazzle.

Our digital images are strong and versatile; suitable for blogs, billboards, and everything inbetween. Our cameras can operate silently, ideal for film-sets and discreet situations.

Have You heard?

Busting to record your demo?   Book an appointment in our studio or we can bring the studio to you!

Meet the Crew

Our fantastic team is bursting with talent and ready to get to work!

Dan Benoit

Dan Benoit


The world is a better place with Dan's artwork.

From murals, to storyboards, to innovative animation, Dan's original concoctions will bring your project to a new level.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Producer | Editor

Mike brings your project together using all the keys to the castle.

Mike's fun (safe, but fun;) passionate and extremely well-organized. Your project is in good hands with Mike around, he's a team player, a details analyst, a project manager, a videographer and a goof-ball, all rolled into one.

Gord Stewart

Gord Stewart

Photography | Logistics

"Either you fly or your crash!" (when asked about helicopter travel)

Things go from awesome to mighty, mighty fine adventure when Gord and his collection of fine lenses come along for the ride.

For international contracts there is no one better.


Reasons to choose us


1)  Safety first... Chance Media is becoming safety certified. All employees wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, have a certificate in basic first aid, and abide by our company’s rigid safety policy.  2)  We can work anywhere in the world... our rugged equipment and personnel can work anywhere, from a chilly oil rig to a sweltering jungle.  3)  Immediate release of all raw media... any video, photographs, and/or audio clips taken during production can be copied over to you on production day.  4)  Encoding your project into the format you need... whether it’s Blu-Ray, 4K, i-touch, DVD, YouTube, MP3, OGG, AAC, or something else, we’ll make sure the finished project is in the format you desire.  5)  Archival service... the finished project and the raw media are backed up in a secure third-party location at no additional charge. (As well, if you prefer we get rid of the raw media and finished project, we can do that!)



  • Cinematic Performance Capture

  • Field Sound Recording

  • Industrial Photography

  • Original Animation

We've got the tools!

We love what we do, and what we do is discover, document and present the true nature of your purpose or pleasure. Your final products are bold pieces of authentic media that we can be proud of.   And the answer is yes, we are fun!

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Esteemed colleagues ...

The media production business is far more cooperative than competitive. This is because videos and content are usually made up of varied elements and pieces. Chance Media is only one small firm of many with extraordianary talent here to serve you in Canada. Each firm is unique and we make it a point to include each other and work together whenever possible. If we don't have what you need at Chance Media, we'll help you find who does.

Jaime Photography

Portrait Photography

Jaime Trask captures profound portraits, often revealing compelling and undiscovered sides in a subject.

All-in, Jaime Photography is fun and will add brilliance to any portfolio.

Jaime is also a key in larger productions wearing the hat of co-producer.

Maple Heart Media

Wedding Specialist

David Overmars owns his video shop in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where he is raising the bar for elegance in wedding video.

We've got David on speed-dial because of his prowess with camera and people.

But wait there's more! David edits like a dynamo as well he runs circles around Illustrator and After Effects.

Warwick Lambert Design

Graphic Design

Warwick is awesome!

3D animation, graphic design, digital story telling and more.

Warwick has a finite talent for generating authentic models of reality, but also has no trouble creating an entirely new reality to model.

What our Clients Say?

Repeat business and word-of-mouth are crucial in the creative media business, we work hard to tailor our services to suit your unique requirements so that you will tell your friends and keep coming back for more.

"Great fun, we got to go running in the park and play with other dogs. Mike was very patient, and gave me lots of attention while capturing my good side. Not as many treats as I would have liked, but good fresh Milkbones. Recommended!"

client 1 Lucy-Loo

"The service here is terrible, I waited for 20 minutes with a camera in my face before a single treat was offered. My owners are thrilled with the video, but so what?! No need to leave a tip."

client 2 Manfreedah

"This was the creepiest experience of my life. Mike took about a thousand photos up close and personal and I thought for a minute there I would have to bite him. The photos are nice, but I wouldn't recommend the experience."

client 3 Fargo
  Booger is beautiful!


Video footage becomes more valuable over time. We hope you will find our media service to be of good value today and exceptional value in the years to come. Hourly appointment rates include outright copyright ownership of the media we record onsite ... a great bargain!


  • $115.00/hour
  • Half-day, Day, and Multi-day rates available
  • Includes: Camera, Lights, Audio, Vehicle and more
  • Raw digital files available immediately on-site Bring your laptop computer!
  • Complimentary offline archive of footage. Or we can shred the senstive material!


  • $85.00/hour
  • In Studio or On Location
  • Includes: mics, stands, mixer and recording unit and copies of session files
  • Features: Performance Capture, Multi-track, Editing, Field Recording, Sound FX
  • Complimentary offline archive of recordings. Or we delete, your choice!


  • $70.00/hour
  • Photography, Editing, Production Assistance
  • Extra working hands on the set of your project
  • High resolution stills silent mirrorless
  • Pre and post-production services: script writing, production planning, editing, encoding and more

No charge for consultation and a quote. Contact us before you start your next project.

Authentic Media Content

  • media-role-317

Colourful and original media content can capture the imagination, inspire a sense of adventure, and appeal to our curious natures.

With media we can make your website engaging and interactive for your viewers. We can present a single moment in time or stitch it with others to tell a story or share an idea.

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We'd love to hear about your production ideas. Leave us a note in the contact form below and we'll be in touch soon.

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Domestic Wildlife Photography

Have your furry companions bring your advertising and photo albums to life. Chance Media looks forward to helping preserve colorful memories with special friends.

The secret to great pet prints and video is to go somewere they love, whether it's the park, beach or couch! We can meet outdoors or in the comfort of your living room.

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