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Chance Media features complete and portable Video Production, Documentary, and Photographic services. Each project is uniquely designed and produced to suit the nature of your purpose. The result is a versatile product which will both document and suitably advocate your industry, business, goods, services, programs, training, events, journeys, stories, inventions, ideas, artwork, music and family.

With a keen eye for industrial landscapes, artistry in design, the preservation of culture, the promotion of artisans, and advocating the many facets of our heroic workforce, Chance Media aims to put your mandates and purposes in the specialized light they deserve.

Our small company is proud to support independent artists and media producers. The large, globe-shaped link below will access Street Dream Films in its own window. Here Chance Media offers complimentary hosting and promotion for the creative efforts of many.

Please feel free to browse the media intended to one day link artists with appropriate sponsors and clientele, whom may find interest in their works. The forum is colorful and much is in working condition, but please excuse the concepts still under design, and the odd dead link.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, I look forward to hearing from you indeed.

Michael Wood
Street Dream Films


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