Chance Media offers innovative solutions for your media content needs through our complete and portable video production, documentary and photographic services.

Our small and discreet crew has the experience and equipment to create compelling media content which is engaging and artistic. Each project is produced to achieve your objective, be it commercial, educational, simple pleasure or something else.

Five Reasons to choose Chance Media

We can work anywhere in the world – our rugged equipment and personnel can work anywhere, from a chilly oil rig to a sweltering jungle.

Immediate release of all raw media – any video, photographs, and/or audio clips taken during production can be copied over to you on production day.

Safety first – Chance Media has WCB insurance and every employee wears the appropriate personal protective equipment, has a certificate in basic first aid, and adheres to our company’s internal safety policy.

Encoding your project into the format you need – whether it’s Blu-Ray, 4K, i-touch, DVD, YouTube, MP3, OGG, AAC, or something else, we’ll make sure the finished project is in the format you desire.

Archival service – the finished project and the raw media are backed up in a secure third-party location at no additional charge. (As well, if prefer we get rid of the raw media and finished project, we can do that.)

Chance Media provides solutions for your unique media content needs. We would love to talk with you about how Chance Media can do that.